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Compared Off-Road – $90k Rivian R1T EV vs $40k Chevy Colorado Trail Boss!

In the automotive world, we find ourselves amidst a period of significant evolution. The year 2023 and beyond signify a shift in the automotive market towards electric vehicles (EVs). However, not everyone is entirely convinced that this transition is the best course of action, especially when it appears to be partly driven by government intervention.

Time will be the ultimate judge of whether EVs can meet the demands and preferences of car buyers. For now, we are fortunate to have the freedom to choose between piloting an electric vehicle and sticking with a traditional internal combustion engine. While EVs certainly offer several advantages, they come with their share of drawbacks.

The most glaring drawback, at least for the moment, is the fact that you can’t refuel an EV as swiftly and easily as a traditional gasoline-powered vehicle. Charging an electric vehicle takes more time, and that’s not the only concern related to EV ownership.

In this particular venture, we join the team at TFLoffroad as they subject a premier electric vehicle to a test that piques the interest of both the general car-buying public and a dedicated group of enthusiasts. This test revolves around off-road capabilities and the ability to conquer challenging terrains.

Here, we get a unique perspective on how an electric vehicle performs when taken off the beaten path, pitted against a combustion-powered vehicle designed explicitly for off-road adventures. While the additional torque from an electric motor may seem like an advantage, the added weight of EV components presents a considerable challenge when navigating terrains that weren’t originally designed for such vehicles.

The central question becomes whether the $40,000 Chevrolet Colorado Trail Boss can outperform the $90,000 Rivian R1T in an off-road scenario. To find out, tune in to the video below and witness how these vehicles fare when pushed to the limits of their off-road capabilities.