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Do You Need to Spend a Lot to go Off-Roading? Canyon AT4X vs Colorado Trail Boss

No matter the scale of a purchase decision, whether it’s as trivial as buying a roll of toilet paper or as significant as investing in a truck, there are always layers of consideration. Opting for a single-ply toilet paper might earn you some raised eyebrows from your household, but it pales in comparison to the repercussions of making the wrong pickup truck purchase.

I mean, come on, just spring for the two-ply anyway. Right?

Thankfully, platforms like YouTube offer a helping hand in navigating these decisions. Channels like The Fast Lane Truck specialize in breaking down a plethora of wants and needs to empower potential truck buyers with comprehensive information before they commit. After all, knowledge is power and knowing everything possible about the model in question is the best way to end up with the right model in your driveway.

In this review, the focus shifts towards the off-roading aspect, a critical dimension for trucks in the mid-size segment. Both contenders in this showdown are products of General Motors: the GMC Canyon AT4X and the Chevrolet Colorado Trail Boss.

Although these vehicles might appear similar on the surface as they’re both equipped to go off of the beaten path, these trucks are anything but identical. Despite a substantial $17,000 price difference, it’s hoped that the vehicles justify their disparity, and the review confirms this presumption.

The burning question is whether the GMC, with its higher price tag, truly outshines the Chevrolet. Differing features such as shocks, locking differentials, and lavish cabin appointments set these two machines apart. While they may share a resemblance, they exist in distinctly separate realms for those who know what details to look at.

The video below from TFL dives deep into the trucks’ details, attempting to determine if the $17,000 variance is a warranted investment or if sticking to the more economical model is the smarter choice in this context.

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