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Craig Lieberman Talks the 10 Worst Depreciating Cars Money Can Buy

As automotive enthusiasts, one thing that we try not to think too much about is depreciation. At the end of the day, when we find a car that we fall in love with, losing money typically isn’t something that enters the equation. Sure, most people are going to have to think about what they can afford to buy. However, if you’re in love with the car enough, depreciation normally isn’t too much of a consideration.

On the other hand, though, there are some cars that just depreciate so hard that it’s incredibly difficult to ignore in the buying process. Some machines can lose six figures worth of value off of the top after they’ve been around for just a couple of years. We’re not sure about you but losing over 100 grand sounds like something that I probably wouldn’t want to be involved in personally.

This time, Craig Lieberman, the guy who has grown quite a following because of his stories from behind the scenes of the Fast and Furious movies, dives into the real car world. With this one, he brings us 10 of the cars that have been known for depreciating the worst.

Some of these cars drop in price because they simply just aren’t very good. However, others might drop because of factors like the cost to maintain them after they’ve fallen outside of a warranty. In any situation, we kind of can’t help but feel bad for the people who have owned some of these rides. On the flip side, though, maybe it’s a good time to run out and buy one of these cars. On the other side of that equation of losing money, there’s somebody who has been dreaming of owning one of these things that now can afford it because of how hard they’ve dropped in value.