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Customer Fixing Tire With Screws and Duct Tape Among Some of the Craziest Auto Tech Stories

The more time that you spend working in a particular field, the closer you get to becoming an expert.

Over the years, experience exposes all sorts of different situations that might propose a challenge that one needs to get to the bottom of. By using all of the knowledge gained so far and maybe a little bit of help from somebody who has been through it before, the solution is just around the corner!

With that in mind, everybody has to start somewhere. While some of us pick up some mechanical odds and ends while growing up watching people in our family work on cars, others have absolutely no mechanical inclination at all – I mean absolutely ZERO.

That being said, these people who are the opposite of mechanically inclined sometimes try to take on projects themselves and the results make it rather obvious that they don’t have a clue what it is that they’re doing.

With this, we find YouTube channels like Just Rolled In that showcase some of the obscure things that just so happened to roll into a mechanic shop to be fixed, only to discover that things are way worse than what the vehicle owner reported.

Sometimes, this might be because the person who attempted a repair was a little bit overzealous. Other times, though, we just witness incredibly bad luck or cases of extreme negligence that create insane situations that leave us wondering how certain vehicles were still driving.

Below, we check in with the video that is led by a rather interesting example of such a phenomenon. In this case, apparently, a motorist had a leaky tire. In order to try and fix it, they covered the spot that they thought had a leak with a little bit of duct tape and proceeded to screw the duct tape into the tire to hold it in place.

Yes, you read that properly.

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