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Customer States “Haven’t Changed Oil In 78000 Miles & Does Not Start”

While many Speed Society readers are automotive enthusiasts and understand at least the basics of how to maintain a car, this skill is one that is shared by everyone. At the end of the day, learning how to do everything can be quite a chore and sometimes, working on a car and basic maintenance is something that should be left to the professionals.

Unfortunately, out there on the roadways there are people who need to learn this lesson the hard way and some that just don’t bother to learn it at all.

When these people who are completely out of the loop with their automotive maintenance end up in the shop, sometimes, they might also end up on the Just Rolled In YouTube channel that showcases some of the wackiest customer complaints in the business.

This time, things get kicked off in a grand way as we check in with one customer who hasn’t changed their oil in 78,000 miles. I think that most drivers probably understand the fact that motor oil should be changed incrementally. Generally, professionals will recommend changing it every 3000 to 5000 miles. While some believe that one can get away with changing it a little bit less frequently than that, driving a car 78,000 miles without ever changing the oil is definitely not something that should ever be done. The worst part of the situation is that we’re told that the particular customer who brought this car in also had a full maintenance package included in their lease which apparently went ignored.

Below, we get to see exactly what an engine that has never had the oil changed looks like along with a couple of other blunders that rolled into the shop. Another one of our favorites occurs when an individual attempted to do their own work when they really shouldn’t have. Let’s just say that installing brake calipers with drywall screws is not a very good idea either.

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