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Customer States “Salesman Crashed My NEW Dodge Charger Hellcat”

Time and time again, we hear of horror stories surrounding car dealerships. After checking in with this particular story, though, we got a feeling that those who have received a hard sale from the dealer are going to feel much better about their experience, in comparison.

In this particular case, if the window sticker had anything to say about it, it would appear as if the person who purchased a brand new Dodge Charger shelled out nearly $90,000 for the Hellcat. With just 12 miles on the odometer, this was a really special ride that had some big power to go alongside its slick appearance.

I guess that when you spend 90 grand on a car, it influences the dealer to go ahead and fill up the gas tank for you. When the salesperson in this particular situation took the car to drive it to the local gas station, we’re going to guess that the throttle was a little bit too tempting. When the car returned, to the dismay of the buyer, it was a complete wreck. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this customer was probably incredibly unhappy with the situation and wished that they just went to fill up the gas tank themselves.

The story doesn’t go on to tell us any further details and we can’t help but wonder what happened after the accident. If all the paperwork was signed, does it technically become an insurance claim and the buyer’s responsibility? Did the dealership do the right thing and just take the vehicle back? In any case, it’s certainly a sticky situation that we wouldn’t want to have any parts of.

The video below from Just Rolled In shows the aftermath of this ugly incident. The video also takes us inside all sorts of other wild situations pertaining to cars that rolled into a mechanic shop.

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