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Whipple Already Offering a Massive Supercharger to Boost Upcoming Ford Raptor R!

I’m sure that I speak for a wide variety of truck performance enthusiasts when I say that we absolutely can’t wait to see what the Ford F-150 Raptor R has in store for us. Ever since Ram threw a jab at the toned-down Raptor with its TRX back in 2021, we knew that it was only a matter of time before Ford clapped back with its own V8-powered version of the Raptor.

While the release of the “Raptor R” is still over the horizon as the machine has been promised to come out later this year with a 2023 model year drop, we still are a little bit sparse on details. However, it seems as if all signs point to Ford sticking the Shelby GT500 power plant under the hood of the next upcoming Raptor model.

Apparently, the folks over at Whipple Superchargers weren’t about to sit around and wait to see exactly what Ford was going to come up with until they started with their research and development.

Recently, over on the official Whipple Instagram account, we would learn that the company has already decided to go ahead and promise a supercharger for the truck.

It’s not just any small fry blower, either. The massive 3.8 L supercharger will help bolster the expected 700-ish factory horsepower truck to a whopping 2000 hp. Of course, this is going to have to come with some other supporting mods to beef things up a little bit. In any case, though, it’s rather exciting news because we already have this feeling deep in our bones that somebody out there has a 2000 hp Raptor R build planned even though Ford hasn’t even officially announced all the specs just yet.

The one thing that we can definitely say about this is that even though things might not feel like we’re in the golden era of horsepower right now, releases like this definitely make an argument to the contrary.

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