fb-pixel Daddy Dave DEMOLISHES Local Drivers in Trans Am
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Daddy Dave DEMOLISHES Local Drivers in Trans Am

As the Street Outlaws TV show production has expanded over the years, it has undergone significant evolution. While the cars have undeniably become faster and more intricate, the growth extends beyond the vehicles. Over the years, the drivers have accumulated valuable experience, and the show’s format has taken on various shapes and sizes, all in pursuit of delivering the most entertaining experience possible.

One notable iteration of Street Outlaws programming is the “Locals Only” segment. This facet of the show aligns with the Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings circuit, offering local racers a chance to showcase their skills. The journey puts together some of the highest-ranking local small tire talents against each other, with the ultimate goal of emerging as the best, earning the opportunity to face a random Street Outlaws competitor for a shot at a $5,000 prize.

In a recent episode, we follow the story of Mike, the proud owner of a Pontiac Trans Am, who secured victory at the Locals Only event held at Maple Grove Raceway in Pennsylvania. After clinching the final race with a red light win, Mike advanced to face the final boss—a storied Street Outlaws competitor.

The excitement reached a pinnacle when Mike discovered that his opponent was none other than Daddy Dave, steering his top-tier Chevrolet Nova into the showdown. An interesting twist to this battle lies in the fact that Dave’s Goliath boasts a big tire combination, granting it superior traction and speed compared to the small tire cars in the Locals Only format.

Yet, the promotion doesn’t entirely favor the big tire car. A negotiation element is introduced, allowing Mike a unique opportunity. He can throw a tennis ball down the track to determine the starting point, providing him with a head start based on where the ball lands.

After the theatrics of the ball throw, the race unfolds, featuring a small tire car initially taking the lead but leaving Daddy Dave with a considerable sense of confidence. The dynamic negotiation element adds an intriguing twist to the competition, making each race a unique and suspenseful experience for both racers and viewers alike.

Check out the results below.

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