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Daddy Dave Sold Goliath and it’s Taking a LONG Trip to its New Home

In life, there are moments of greatness, but as the saying goes, all good things must eventually come to an end. This sentiment holds true even for Daddy Dave’s iconic drag racing machine, Goliath, which has held a special place in the hearts of Street Outlaws fans and Dave himself.

Goliath managed to ingrain itself deeply into the realm of Street Outlaws, earning a loyal following of fans and becoming a cherished by Dave and the community alike. However, as new opportunities knock, there comes a time to embrace change. Dave recently seized the chance to transition to a new platform, a striking red Audi that he unveiled a year ago next week. After some time to iron out the kinks and refine the new build, Dave made the decision to part ways with old faithful.

In a video shared on YouTube, Dave explained his perspective on the decision. He mentioned that while he didn’t have to sell Goliath, but watching the car sit unused began to affect him. It was then that he chose to send Goliath to his friend Israel in Brazil, confident that the car would be in good hands. Dave expressed his excitement at the prospect of Goliath establishing a reputation beyond American borders.

In this video, we accompany Dave through the final stages of his journey with Goliath. He invests effort in refreshing the car after it sat idle for approximately three months, addressing the issues that cropped up during its hiatus. With a refreshed machine in his hands, Dave reflects on how far Goliath has come and speculates on its future as it embarks on a new chapter in South America.

Over the years, Goliath has etched an illustrious reputation as a frontrunner in one of America’s most significant drag racing productions. As it ventures into international territory under new ownership, fans can only hope that the car will continue to add to its impressive legacy.