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Daddy Dave Rolls Into NPK Season Finals at Ennis, Texas Motorplex

When heading into a No Prep Kings event, there is definitely a ton going on for fans to sink their teeth into. One could be completely entertained by simply watching the action that unfolds on the track.

However, for those who really want to dig deep and go behind the scenes, YouTube is a treasure trove of content as many of our favorite Street Outlaws stars and No Prep Kings competitors have decided to post their point of view in vlog videos that provide another layer of depth to the action.

This time, we dive into to the last No Prep Kings event of the year in Ennis, Texas. The event takes a bunch of our favorite names down to the Lone Star State to see who might come out on top. Not only does the event crown a Texas champ who would take home some solid prize money but it would also be the last stop in crowning the season champ as well.

In this particular outing, Daddy Dave Racing gives us his view of the action, showcasing a couple of test passes. Throughout the year, it seems as if things have been a little bit tumultuous for Dave and his racing operation. While he seems to stay toward the front when everything is moving forward, his car, Goliath, has broken more than a couple of times which has called for a quick fixes and some creative thinking. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a proper final without a little bit of drama added to the mix.

With the video below, we check in with Dave for one last time to wrap up the No Prep Kings season. This isn’t the end of the road for the racer for 2022 as Dave will be on the street again. However, as far as NPK goes, this is it until the calendar shows 2023.

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