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Dealer techs Joyride NSX and Engine Blows 2 Weeks Later

At this point in the timeline, if you’re an individual who is responsible for working on any sort of performance vehicle, laying into the throttle has to seem like a bad idea. Time and time again, across the pages of YouTube and other social media, we hear stories about individuals who have taken out these high-performance vehicles, whether it’s for diagnostic work or maybe testing out a new part that was just installed, only to lay into the gas pedal and have catastrophe unfold.

However, where there is controversy, sometimes there’s a gray area and this time, it seems like the missing details make things a bit fuzzy. However, there’s still a $158,000 repair bill that someone has to answer for.

This time, we tune in with an Acura NSX that was taken to the dealership for service. However, after submitting the car for service and getting it back, the engine would fail two weeks later, leaving the owners with the aforementioned wildly expensive repair bill. When they went back to the footage to see exactly what happened during this recent trip to the dealership, they would find something that they weren’t exactly pleased with.

While checking out the footage that was recording the inside of the car, the owner noticed that the individual driving the car made a couple of spirited accelerations. Therefore, the owner took aim at the individual, trying to pin the blame for repair costs on the dealership or the service advisor. Normally, this might be a situation where a dealer just goes the extra mile to please the customer but when we meet repairs that find themselves pretty substantially into the six-figure range on a car that has no warranty, things get dicey.

Tune in below as superspeedersRob dissects the situation, doing his best detective work to get to the bottom of it.