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Dennis Collins Retrieves 2 Barn Find Shelbys in 2 Days!

While we would all like to imagine that every desirable muscle car ever produced has been taken care of and kept in a climate controlled garage until it needs to be driven, that simply isn’t the case. Instead, as we all know, there are certain examples of cars that we all know and love that have simply been left to the weather.

It could be easy to get a little bit frustrated when seeing something like this happen but there are just times when life gets in the way of something like a muscle car project. Instead of dumping time and money into something like a Ford Mustang, folks might have other parts of their life they need to focus on. When one thing leads to another, these cars can really let mother nature and time get the best of them as they sit in the elements.

Fortunately for these rides, there are people like Dennis Collins out there in the world who actively seek out rare vehicles that have seen better days. After purchasing them, hopefully there’s enough there to begin some sort of restoration or at least donate some parts to another vehicle that’s being restored.

This time, we take a ride with Collins and company to New Hampshire where his first target is a rare Shelby Mustang that has been sitting outside for 36 years. Fortunately, the car has been under a cover but it still is in such a condition to where we can see that it has most certainly seen better days.

After literally scooping this car out of the weeds with a heavy duty off-road forklift and the help of a few chainsaws, it’s off to Gas Monkey Garage to check in with yet another Shelby that is in much better condition than the first.

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