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Dennis Collins Discovers 1969 Mustang Mach 1

As Dennis Collins grows his empire, it seems as if more and more people begin to reach out with all sorts of different potential buying opportunities. In other words, if you have an old-school car that might need a little bit of work, this is your guy and a lot of people are beginning to come to terms with that.

The ride in question this time is a pretty neat one. There’s no denying that the Ford Mustang is probably the most iconic muscle car in all of American history. This particular example might just be one of the more sought-after versions as the 1969 Mach 1 is really something special.

Dennis and crew headed to Rockwall, Texas in this particular episode to check in with the old-school Stang to see what it’s all about. In fact, Dennis thinks that this might actually be a car that would be a good candidate for a potential Shelby clone, changing up some of the details and giving this car an entirely new look.

Upon arriving in Rockwall, it’s discovered that the owner actually has held onto the car for a rather long time. This seems to be a rather common thread among the cars that we see on Coffee Walk. In this one, the owner claims to have bought the car around age 18 when he was back in high school. After hanging onto it for decades, it seems as if it’s time to let the car go.

What Collins does stumble upon when he starts to go through the machine with a fine toothcomb is a ride that’s in rather a good condition. Lots of times, the cars that are rescued in Collins’s travels are in need of a full rehab. Most of them aren’t even running but this Mustang not only runs but appears to have some pretty solid life left in it as well. By following along with the video below, we get to go on the tour of the old-school Stang that Collins fully intends to bring back to life once again.