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Dialed In: Building the Ultimate Off-Road Cyber Truck

Off-roading enthusiasts know that the thrill of conquering rugged terrains and challenging obstacles lies in the heart of their passion. Among these enthusiasts, one name stands out for transforming this passion into a masterpiece on wheels: Luke, known as @lukie_dude on Instagram and the creator behind the YouTube The Dialed Channel. Luke’s journey from a Ford Ranger to an off-road beast—dubbed the “Off-Road Cyber Truck”—has captivated many, showcasing not only his technical prowess but also his creative vision.

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The Genesis of the Off-Road Cyber Truck

Originally a Ford Ranger, the transformation into the Off-Road Cybertruck began with a vision to create a vehicle that could tackle the toughest trails while looking futuristic and aggressive. The truck weighed around 5300 lbs initially, a hefty challenge for any off-road build. But Luke, with his extensive experience as an auto body and paint technician, and his knack for making engaging videos, saw potential where others might see limitations.


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Suspension and Structural Modifications

One of the key aspects of any off-road vehicle is its suspension system. Luke opted for an I-beam suspension in the front and a 3-link rear end, ensuring that the truck could handle rough terrains with ease. The I-beam suspension provides excellent strength and durability, crucial for the heavy-duty demands of off-roading. In the rear, the 3-link setup offers flexibility and stability, giving the truck superior handling and articulation over uneven surfaces.

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The suspension system’s backbone lies in the triple bypass King shocks. These high-performance shocks are renowned for their ability to absorb the most brutal impacts, providing a smooth ride even in the harshest conditions. By choosing King Shocks, Luke ensured that his Cybertruck would not just survive but thrive in the off-road environment.

Enhancing Performance with Top-Tier Parts

Luke didn’t stop at the suspension. To make the Off-Road Cybertruck truly formidable, he integrated a range of high-quality parts from renowned brands:

  • KC HiLiTES: For unparalleled visibility, especially in low-light conditions, Luke equipped the truck with lights from KC HiLiTES. These lights are a staple in the off-roading community, known for their durability and bright, clear illumination.
  • Holley Performance: To enhance the truck’s power and efficiency, Luke turned to Holley Performance. Their parts are synonymous with high performance, ensuring that the engine runs smoothly and powerfully, essential for tackling challenging off-road scenarios.
  • PRP Seats: Off-roading can be a bumpy ride, and comfort is paramount. Luke installed PRP seats, which are designed to provide maximum comfort and support, even during the most rigorous adventures. These seats are also known for their durability, withstanding the wear and tear of off-road excursions.
  • High Caliber Karting: While not a typical choice for off-road builds, High Caliber Karting provided components that enhanced the truck’s overall performance and stability. Their precision-engineered parts ensured that every aspect of the build met the highest standards.
  • Scrubblade Wipers: Visibility is crucial when navigating through mud, dust, and water. Scrubblade wipers, designed to handle the toughest conditions, were an obvious choice. These wipers ensure that the windshield remains clear, no matter what the trail throws at it.

Luke’s process of building the Off-Road Cybertruck is meticulously documented on his YouTube channel, Dialed. Each video provides an in-depth look at the steps involved, from the initial teardown of the Ford Ranger to the final touches that transformed it into the Cyber Truck.

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In his videos, Luke shares valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs he encountered. For instance, in one video he discusses the complexities of integrating the I-beam suspension and ensuring it aligns perfectly with the truck’s chassis.


Another video showcases the installation of the triple bypass King shocks, highlighting the precision and expertise required to get everything just right.

Luke’s attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the build. He meticulously plans each modification, ensuring that every part serves a purpose and enhances the truck’s overall performance. His expertise as an auto body and paint technician shines through in the custom paint job, which gives the truck its distinctive cyberpunk aesthetic.


Engaging the Off-Road Community

Luke’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. His YouTube channel and Instagram profile are buzzing with activity, as off-road enthusiasts from around the world follow his journey. His content resonates with viewers because it combines technical expertise with genuine enthusiasm and creativity.

Luke’s transparency about the build process, including the challenges he faces and how he overcomes them, provides valuable learning experiences for his audience. He doesn’t shy away from showing the mistakes and setbacks, making his content relatable and authentic.

Moreover, Luke actively engages with his followers, responding to comments and messages, and even incorporating their feedback into his projects. This sense of community and collaboration is a cornerstone of his success, fostering a loyal and supportive fanbase.

Looking Ahead: Future Projects and Innovations

The Off-Road Cybertruck is not the end of Luke’s journey—it’s just the beginning. With each project, he continues to innovate and push the limits of what’s possible in the off-roading world. His next build promises to be even more ambitious, leveraging the latest technologies and parts from top brands to create another masterpiece on wheels.

Luke’s vision extends beyond his personal projects. He aims to inspire others to take up off-roading and truck building, showing that with the right mindset and dedication, anyone can turn their ideas into reality. His videos serve as both tutorials and sources of inspiration, encouraging viewers to embark on their own off-road adventures.

Conclusion: A Passion-Driven Journey

Luke’s journey from a Ford Ranger to the Off-Road Cyber Truck exemplifies what it means to be driven by passion. Through his meticulous builds, engaging videos, and active community involvement, he has carved out a unique space in the off-roading world.4

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Luke continues to innovate and share his journey, keeping the wheels on his off-road creations turning. Luke’s story proves what’s possible when passion meets perseverance for those who love trails and well-built machines.