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Dirt Shark – SLAYGROUND 3 ft. Axell Hodges

It seems as if there are certain people in this world who set themselves up to defy physics on a regular basis. For Axell Hodges, that’s exactly what he does and his expertise shines through in a recent drop from the crew at the Slayground.

When we take a ride inside of the compound, we quickly realize that this place really makes dreams come to life. Slayground is a custom composition of all sorts of different challenges in the dirt. Some of them allow Hodges to show off his talents on the ground. Others definitely send him into the air with a full head of steam. It’s kind of crazy to watch as he sends himself to the liberty of gravity, soaring through the air on his dirt bike before coming back down once again with these death-defying stunts that seem to continuously go back-to-back.

As we watch a video like this, we can’t help but try to imagine the confidence that it would take to try and tackle something like this. At the end of the day, it seems like every move has to be absolutely perfect, or else something really bad could end up happening here. However, with the talent that Hodges brings to the table, it seems almost as if flying through the air and making like a bird just about comes as second nature.

The video down below takes us to the scene of the action in San Diego, California to watch the magic all come together. One of the crazy parts about a video like this is that much of it was done in a single shot. Therefore, there’s not much room for error as cuts are pretty much absent from this one. A display like this is certainly on the tail end of a lifetime of hard work and we have to say that it’s certainly a job well done.

Videos like these can really bring out the amazement factor that we’re all looking for in life!

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