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Man Rigs Own Truck With Booby Trap Because Criminals Won’t Stop Breaking In

Having your personal vehicle broken into once can be unsettling and downright frustrating. Having it broken into eight times in just three months is something that really begins to get ridiculous after a while. Just ask the New Orleans man with the Chevrolet pickup truck that was the constant victim of smash and grabs.

No matter what kind of vehicle you have or how high-tech the security system is, there isn’t very much that one can do about somebody breaking out their window and stealing what’s inside.

However, for one New Orleans man who had frequent broken window issues from criminals trying to take what wasn’t theirs, he took matters into his own hands.

The owner of the truck channeled his inner Tom Clancy to create a booby trap, making sure that whoever broke into this truck the next time would think twice before doing it again. Maybe if the trap was successful enough, the suspect might even give up the life of crime altogether – one can wish, right?

Essentially, what the booby trap consists of as a trip wire that is connected to a homemade flash-bang device. At the end of the trip wire is a 12 gauge round without a projectile. In other words, it’s going to make a lot of noise and explode in somebody’s face but won’t do any major damage to the person in the process of scaring them away.

In the words of the owner, “it’s not pleasant for this device to go off near your face or near your body.”

The booby trap in action was actually captured on video as a nearby security cam caught these perps in action. New Orleans PD is on the case to attempt to find out who is responsible for all of these acts and seems to have the full cooperation and support of the truck’s owner.