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Is the NEW Chevy Colorado ZR2 a Tacoma Killer?

Over the years, the test of time has pretty much handed the title of most respected compact pick up truck to the Toyota Tacoma. Fans of the Tacoma have touted the model for its reliability, off-road capability, and versatility. These things just seem to last forever and do everything that is asked of them without skipping a beat. As if that all of that wasn’t enough, because of these traits of the Tacoma, the trucks even have a good resale value because years after they are initially put in use, they still have lots of good life left in them for a new owner to enjoy.

Because of that, it seems like competitors have been on the heels of the Tacoma attempting to chase it down for decades. Every manufacturer, both in America and abroad has been seeking out that special set of traits that can take their offering from just another compact pick up truck to the top of the mountain, both metaphorically and literally.

In order to attempt to take aim at the Toyota Tacoma, Chevy has dropped the 2023 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2. With a plethora of enhancements that have brought the Colorado a long way from its roots and a new off-road offering with the ZR2 package, Chevy attempts to shed a new light on its compact pick up truck.

In order to test this thing out to see if it can stand up to the benchmark here, the crew over at TFLoffroad has decided to put the Colorado ZR2 through the ultimate test. Sure, most consumers probably won’t take this thing off-roading that often. However, if it’s able to withstand an off-road race course from Las Vegas to Reno, including dirt, rock, and mountain crossings, we would think that there’s not very much that the ZR2 wouldn’t be able to handle in the real world as well.

Dial in below as Chevy throws its hat in the ring with an all-new era of Colorado.