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Scary Wreck From British GP Goes Viral

In the world of racing, with high speeds and close proximity conditions, it can be incredibly scary to think about what could be lurking over the horizon. This is a reality that every driver has to become comfortable with as they take their talents to the absolute limits, doing everything they can to tiptoe up to the line that borders disaster without actually crossing it.

At this past weekend’s British GP, right from the start, a couple of drivers would end up in a tenuous situation. Right from the get-go, drivers were doing everything they could to try and advance, gathering that oh-so-important field position right from the start.

In the process of doing this, though, racers George Russell and Zhou Guanyu would make contact with one another. While Russell slid sideways, Guanyu would suffer a much more extreme fate. Fortunately, both drivers were able to walk away relatively unscathed. However, the footage was incredibly scary to watch.

Guanyu Will be left of the liberty of momentum as his car ended up skating upside down across the racing surface before being launched into the air. The car would land in between a tire barrier and fence, creating a challenging situation for safety crews to grapple with as they attempted to free the driver free from the cockpit.

While some did point out that this might be a teaching point for track designers to improve, eliminating the area between the tires and the fence that lengthens rescue time, it also is a testament to how far things have come. It is rather nerve-racking to watch as the car in question slides upside down across the ground. However, the halo system implemented in F1 cars seems to have done an incredible job in saving Guanyu from serious injury.

With the video below from ESPN, we are able to watch the incident that got rather intense right from the drop of the green flag at the British GP.

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