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Dodge Durango Hellcat Owners Are Suing Over New Durango Hellcat

In advertising, it’s important to be factually accurate with the product that you present. Of course, there are attorneys who dedicate their entire careers to cases involving marketing and malpractice in this area.

Some Dodge customers who purchased the 2021 Dodge Durango Hellcat feel as if the company deceived them when it promised that the 2021 rendition of the SUV would be a one-time-only deal. In the world of wheels, limited-run vehicles can be much more valuable in the long haul because of their exclusivity. It’s really hard to say if the Durango would’ve eventually fallen into this category but in the eyes of these consumers, that doesn’t even really matter because they say that they purchased a vehicle based on claims that Dodge made.

However, even though Dodge’s marketing is said to have promised that 2021 would be the only year that it would feature the Durango Hellcat, they are back at it again in 2023 with another Hellcat-powered Durango. Apparently, according to MotorBiscuit on YouTube, Dodge’s own CEO even claimed that the 2021 model year would be a one-year production run.

The suit was filed this week that has owners seeking that Dodge not be allowed to produce any more of the trucks to retain the exclusivity of the vehicles that they already purchased.

For some, it might be hard to see why people are so upset about a Durango. However, the model isn’t really the question here but instead, the perceived promise that Dodge wouldn’t go out and produce any more examples of the vehicle, whether it’s a Durango or not. Just imagine if they did something like this with the wildly popular Demon model that was purposely limited to just 3300 examples… so far.

Below, our host dives into the issue, talking about why these Durango owners are so upset and what might eventually happen.