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Dodge Just Dropped a New Demon and This One Makes 1,025 HP!

It seems as if Dodge, the company that has been so heavily invested in the performance community over the past couple of years, has kind of, sort of been on a farewell tour as it relates to V8-powered muscle cars.

As one last hurrah, Dodge announced the Demon 170, a car that can run on e85 fuel (170 proof, hence the name) and creates 1025 hp. With that, this will be the world’s first production street-legal drag car that actually runs on ethanol. Even for those who might not have E85 fuel fully accessible in their area, it’ll still do 900 hp on pump gas as well. This is thanks to a factory-stock 3 L supercharger that is bigger than a variety of different engines on the market these days.

Much like its predecessor, the regular Dodge Demon, the car is set up for use in drag racing situations. This time, Dodge promises that the Demon 170 will be able to see an 8.9-second quarter mile to the tune of 151 mph. This also makes the car the world’s first-eight second production car to ever be made. For those wondering where exactly the insanity would stop in terms of how quick and fast a production car would be able to get down a quarter mile, this might be the answer as far as combustion goes.

With that, the Demon 170 will become the quickest, fastest, and most powerful mass-produced vehicle in the world, once again perching Dodge atop the throne above all combustion and electric alike.

Below, we follow along with Car and Driver as we get to see the car, up close and personal. There is a lot in the Demon 170 that resembles the last offering of the Demon nameplate. However, there’s also so much more as the devil really is in the details and those details bring this car to life to make it a machine that is sure to go down as an icon in the performance community.

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