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Dollar General Worker Hits Alleged Shoplifter With Car

The world we live in today is constantly undergoing changes. It’s even shifted rather drastically over just the past decade. One area that has witnessed a notable shift in public perception is the issue of shoplifting. Over time, the legal system has become more lenient towards thieves, which has emboldened criminals to engage in more daring thefts. In states like California it’s actually common to see people walk out of stores with unpaid for merchandise with no contest from the store’s workers.

In light of this, an incident involving a Dollar General employee, Jessie Soto, has gained national attention. Soto, tired of witnessing repeated thefts in the store she worked in, decided to take matters into her own hands. She claims that she “”did [her] best as a cashier to go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service.” However, her frustration reached a boiling point when she spotted an individual whom she believed to be a habitual thief.

In an unexpected turn of events, Soto pursued the alleged shoplifter in her car and ultimately ran him over, causing the stolen items to scatter on the ground. The man bounced right back up after the impact, at which point a heated argument ensued between the two as they scrambled to retrieve the scattered goods.

As a consequence of her actions, Soto was terminated from her job. Subsequently, she turned to GoFundMe, appealing to strangers for assistance and they responded in a big way. Within seven days, 446 individuals donated a total of $15,852 and counting towards her $20,000 goal. This amount is sure to climb further as the story gets continued attention from major news outlets.

Soto claims that she is currently sleeping in her car and insists that she harbored no ill intentions towards the man. She further asserts that if he had simply asked, she would have willingly paid for his food.