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Drag Built Combine Harvester Throws Down With Shelby GT350 and DESTROYS the Mustang

I think that when we say that people will literally race anything, some folks kind of don’t understand how literal that should be taken. If there is a way to get something to compete, there’s a good chance that somebody will make it compete. We even saw the likes of belt sander racing a couple of days ago. With that, if something has wheels, there’s a pretty decent chance that somebody has at least thought about turning it into a vessel for drag racing.

This time, that concept really comes to life with none other than a piece of farming equipment. Now, we have seen lawnmower racing before which is actually a pretty common thing. This time, though, it gets much more extreme than that. We aren’t even talking about a regular tractor but instead a combine harvester that’s getting in on the action.,

In order to get this thing up and going, it features the likes of a pretty massive V8 engine. To be a little bit more specific, we find an 8.2 L V8 pulled out of a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado. If you thought that we were kidding, just wait until you see this machine in action.

The drag racer fitted with a set of racing slicks makes 500 hp and weighs in at under 4000 lbs. When all is said and done, the piece of farm equipment is able to propel its driver up to 95 mph which obviously makes it the fastest combine harvester in the world. It also seems like something that would be a little bit sketchy when it’s going that fast but hey, adrenaline junkies will probably feast on the idea!

The builder says that it took him a couple of drinks before he decided to purchase the farm equipment and embark on such a project. When it all comes together, though, we have to admit this thing is pretty interesting to look at. It even takes on the likes of an old-school Shelby GT 350 and blows it straight out of the water. Granted that old-school muscle cars aren’t the fastest thing around these days, it’s still pretty wild to watch a piece of farm equipment like this beat just about any car.