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Driver Ramps Off the Back of Tow Truck, Launches Car Into Air on the Highway

Sometimes, when a camera happens to be in the right place at the right time, it captures an unbelievable moment that would be hard to believe if not for the recorded footage.

Recently released footage from a Georgia highway shows such a remarkable incident was captured by a police body camera that is guaranteed to leave viewers in awe.

The event unfolded when a driver failed to yield to the emergency lights on the side of the road. Although it remains unclear how the vehicle ended up in such a precarious situation, it suddenly veered away from the travel lane and onto the shoulder, where a tow truck was stationed.

Much like something out of a dream, the vehicle utilized the tow truck as a makeshift skateboard ramp. Perfectly aligned with the ramp, it launched itself over the front of the truck, creating a dangerous and dramatic scene. Astonishingly, an emergency worker was standing just in front of the truck as the car soared over his head, resembling a scene straight out of a Hollywood movie. If that’s not a story that he’s going to tell all of his buddies, I’m not sure what is.

Behind the wheel was a 21-year-old woman from Tallahassee, who is currently in critical condition and receiving treatment at the hospital.

Georgia’s “Move Over” law mandates that drivers shift one lane away from emergency lights and reduce their speed. Although the exact cause of this incident remains unknown, witnessing the consequences of a car colliding with a tow truck serves as a stark reminder of the importance of such laws. One never knows what obstacles could present themselves on an everyday drive, so staying alert at all times is important as well.

Below, we’re able to see the crazy incident unfold that would’ve never been captured had it not been for modern body camera technology.