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Dude Stuffed an LS into a Jet Ski, Ends up Sinking It

These days, for somebody who goes out and purchases a brand new jet ski, there are some pretty crazy options that are available. Not only do these skis have features like braking systems and suspensions to smooth out the ride. They also have some pretty high output options, including but not limited to engines with forced induction that can achieve speeds around 70 mph with the more powerful units.

However, no matter how fast things are from the factory, we think that there will always be some of us out there who just want to push the envelope a little bit further. For this particular individual who goes by the name of JetSki Brothers on YouTube, we find out exactly what his version of pushing the limits looks like.

As the title infers, this particular ski is an LS-powered unit. That’s right, there was somebody out there mad enough to go ahead and shove a V8 engine from a roadworthy vehicle in between their legs and have at it on the water.

The engine itself is a 4.8 L LS which is the smallest of the LS family. However, its output is certainly enough to push it beyond any factory stock jet ski on the market.

This time, we get to tune in with the official test ride to see exactly how all of these components come together. At the end of the day, this seems to be a light initial test. In other words, there’s probably more left in the tank where this came from. However, with that said, the machine did manage to find its way to match the fastest skis on the market with speeds of about 70mph.

We would say that we’re excited to see what the setup has to offer in the future as it gets dialed in a little bit more. However, if you keep scrolling down to the second video, you’ll see that the ski actually ended up sinking!