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Engineering Madman Creates Cordless Tesla, Drives 1800 Miles Without Charging

As electric vehicle technology pushes its way deeper into the automotive market, it kind of feels like we facing a new frontier. In the long run, nobody really knows if electric-powered vehicles are going to be the answer for common transportation. However, that isn’t going to stop people from going back and forth about it, trying to get to the bottom of if this stuff will pan out.

Electric vehicles have become a hot topic of conversation with some giving them praise and others questioning just how realistic of a long-term solution they could be. Those who are a bit more apprehensive seem to have some concerns that are very valid. In this video, we check in with YouTube creator, Warped Perception, who tried to address one of those pain points.

The idea here from our host at Warped Perception was to remove one of those questions from the equation when it comes to an electric vehicle. That question is charging. Of course, some are concerned about what might happen if they are out on the road and run out of battery. The concerns about EV limitations are certainly valid.

With that in mind, our host took the likes of a Tesla and guided it where no electric car has ever been before… On an 1800-mile road trip without charging it up.

In the video below, we watch as this Tesla makes quite the journey while charging itself along the way thanks to a creative idea.

Even though a gas engine is thrown in the mix, we wouldn’t necessarily call the result a hybrid as the gasoline power isn’t necessarily going to the axles. Instead, it’s simply designed to charge the batteries that power of the car.

Even though the idea of an onboard charger seems wonky and like a joke, it leads one to wonder if maybe some sort of regenerative charging system is in the works!