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Entire Warehouse of Exotics Totaled Following Hurricane Ida

Over the past week or so, Hurricane Ida has posed quite a threat to the southeast United States.

In particular, it seems as if New Orleans was probably about the worst area to be when the storm found land. However, it seems as if the ripple effects of the storm have managed to do a lot more damage. In addition to some of the most fearful parts of a hurricane like the insane winds, a ton of rain has been dumped in a variety of areas across the eastern part of the country.

It appears as if one individual who has faced quite a good amount of damage from water is popular automotive YouTuber, Rob Ferretti. Ferretti is known most for his rental car business that features a wide variety of exotic machines. In addition, his own personal collection has some pretty awesome cars as well.

Apparently, as Ida made its way into his neck of the woods, the facility where all of these cars were stored would end up being flooded. While it looks like only about a foot of water, I think that a lot of people would be surprised at just how much damage such shallow water could do, especially when the cars in question are exotic machines that sit low to the ground.

Down in the video below, Rob gives us the guided tour of his garage that shows off quite the unfortunate collection that is likely going to end up being a pretty big insurance claim. While all of these cars certainly appear usable to the untrained eye, anyone who has ever dealt with flood damage knows that the vast majority of them will be incredibly likely to have serious problems for the rest of their lives.

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