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The Only 2000 Ford 350 Converted Into a Semi Truck Big Bunk in America

There are some vehicles that catch your eye and make you do a double take, wondering what exactly it is that you’re looking at. In this particular case, we tune in from a truck stop to catch the king of double takes come to life. Fortunately, the owner was around and willing to give YouTube creator, Mutha Trucker – Official Trucking Channel, a rundown of the truck to tell all about how it came together and what it is.

While overall, the machine looks like nothing we’ve ever seen before, there are definitely some bits and pieces of it that are recognizable. Primarily, the front clip and the rear are clearly from an early 2000s Ford pickup. However, the rest seems to be an artistic interpretation coming to life in front of our eyes.

When the owner begins to tell all about this rig, he does confirm that, in fact, the build started with the help of a 2000 Ford F-350 four-door pickup. Over the course of 19 months, though, this Ford would become a semi-truck with its own bunk area thanks to a load of custom work to make the rig street legal.

To get things kicked off, the Ford would be chopped in half and stretched to a total length of 33 feet and 6 inches, adding almost 11 feet to the original length. In between the bed and the cab, this handy individual would add the biggest studio sleeper that he could possibly find for the project.

The cool part is that one can hop straight into the backseat of the original cabin and find themselves in the sleeper cab that features a sofa and a dresser.

Complete with a six-speed manual air ride in the original 7.3L Powerstroke engine, this might just be the most unique sleeper on the road.