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Exposing the Alleged Con Man Who Tried to Cheat YouTuber Out of Corvette

Anyone who has sold a car can feel a small iota of what it’s like to be a used car dealer. Sure, used car dealers tend to get a bad reputation. However, it seems as if the industry can be incredibly cutthroat on both sides of the coin. While it’s usually the dealer getting the bad reputation for trying to sell a less than amazing car, buyers are consistently trying to get away with whatever they can, even when it comes to stealing money.

In this week’s YouTube drama, we check in with the owner of a used car dealer on YouTube whose goes by the name of Flying Wheels. In this particular outing, he’s attempting to sell what he claims is an incredibly gorgeous Corvette. The one red flag with this particular car is that it has suffered some minor water damage. As such, the car has a reconstructed title and the seller says that he went over the top to explain this and make sure that the buyer knew exactly what they were getting.

As it turns out, our seller didn’t have very much trouble attracting a potential buyer, even with the car’s tainted history. The problem here was that the buyer seemed to want to do whatever he could to buy this Corvette and not be so honest about how he was going to pay for it. In fact, after trying several different schemes to try to cheat the dealership out of money, our seller decided that it was a big enough problem to make an entire video about.

Below, we hear about everything from the buyer coming up $8,000 short in cash to charging back at credit cards and allegedly acting in a fraudulent way. Tune in with this video because it’s definitely a wild roller coaster ride that you’re going to want to see for yourself. Checking in with some of the tactics that our seller uses in this particular situation can definitely be a good way to learn how to protect yourself if you’re buying or selling a vehicle.