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Family Saved by Trailer Safety Chain as Their Truck Hops Guard Rail, Dangles Over 100-Foot Drop

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on April 1, 2022

We have never been so thankful for safety chains on a trailer.

Here at Speed Society, we have posted thousands of articles about some of the most amazing things to happen in the world. However, this might be the most single most amazing situation that we have ever seen in our entire lives.

Granted that the owner of one particular Ford Super Duty pickup in Idaho ended up in a very bad position, we’re sure that all of the occupants from the vehicle are incredibly grateful for one slight plot twist. Apparently, the pickup truck was pulling a tow-along camper down the highway, when all of a sudden, things would go wrong. As the truck and his trailer would head toward the side of a bridge, the people inside of the truck probably thought that it was game over. This was compounded by the fact that the truck would end up going over the guard rail and toward the hundred-plus foot fall that was waiting with the gorge below.

However, as the truck was slung over the railing, the trailer would end up sliding to a grinding halt and suspending the truck from the bridge. The only thing that was keeping this pickup suspended was a safety chain on the trailer. When hooking up a trailer, we’re sure that a lot of folks have wondered if that safety chain would ever come in use. Most of the time, though, they probably picture the trailer jumping off of the ball and dragging down the highway with the chains. We don’t think that too many people ever imagined that it would save their entire truck from flying off of a bridge.

By following along with the video below, we get to see images from the incident along with the safety worker accounts on how exactly they came in and saved the individuals in the truck along with their dogs. This is definitely a moment where the people on board should stop and thank their lucky stars. Clearly, there was a guardian angel looking out for the folks on board.

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