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Massive Sinkhole Swallows English Teacher’s SUV

Imagine coming out of work in the afternoon, only to find that your car is missing. Naturally, the first instinct might cause a vehicle owner to believe that their missing car had been stolen but in this case, it was something much more out of the ordinary that happened to one English teacher’s ride. In fact, if there weren’t photos to corroborate the story, it might’ve been hard for the teacher’s friends and family to believe it all!

The teacher at Santa Paula high school had come out of work only to discover that a massive sinkhole had swallowed her SUV whole. The hole was believed to be about 10′ x 20′ wide and was said to have been caused by heavy rains that the area has been dealing with over the past couple of weeks.

Fortunately, the owner of the vehicle was not inside at the time that it went under the surface of the ground. The school did decide that it would be in everybody’s best interest to shut down the next day to evaluate the situation. Reports say that it doesn’t seem as if anybody was injured in this incident and we’re told that the nearby area is believed to be safe as this appeared to be an isolated incident.

Below, the crew over at Inside Edition digs into the situation to give us some more details about what happened that day. In any case, this is an absolutely wild scenario to imagine being in. Nobody ever thinks it’s something like this is going to happen to them until they’re right in the middle of the street, staring down into a hole that swallowed the car that you drive to work in the morning. We’re sure that the call to the insurance company is going to be an interesting one to make as well.