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Farmtruck and AZN Are BACK as Street Outlaws Reverts to Small Tire Format

It’s funny, in life, how sometimes, things just come around full circle back to what they once were. This time, the thing that’s coming around full circle is the Street Outlaws television show.

Over the years, fans of the show have watched a lot of ups and downs unfold on screen. One of the big notable changes that we have all seen come to life over the years would most certainly be the evolution of the cars competing. What originally started as small tire machines that everyone could relate to has quickly evolved over the years.

These days, it’s not completely “pay to play” as talent most definitely factors into the result. However, there is a pretty high barrier to entry as the cars that we’ve gotten used to seeing on Street Outlaws are certainly no joke and cost six figures to get going not even considering what it costs to maintain these things and haul them around the country.

However, the show has decided to take a little bit of a U-turn and journey back to where it all began.

With that being said, the new season of Street Outlaws takes on a bit of a different face as it brings small tire cars into the mix. Therefore, not only do we see some machines that are a little bit more relatable to the common enthusiast. We also get to see some names like Farmtruck and AZN  get back to racing. While the dynamic duo was a fan favorite in the early seasons, before long, they just decided that the type of racing that was occurring on the show just wasn’t for them any longer.

Below, we follow along behind the scenes as they show us how they are back in action and ready to compete with the new format that has the Street Outlaws going back to their roots.