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Farmtruck Lines up With Brand New 2020 C8 Corvette

The one and only Farmtruck has certainly been around the block quite a few times. At this point in time, the truck’s cover as a sleeper is probably pretty much blown. However, that doesn’t stop Farmtruck and AZN from having fun with the bright orange Chevrolet C10 and seeing what kind of machines it can stack up against.

As a community, car enthusiasts, particularly those who enjoy drag racing, can’t help but compare just about everything. Therefore, when something new comes out like the C8 Chevrolet Corvette, we have this burning desire to stack it up against just about everything.

This time, that’s precisely what we get as the one and only Farmtruck goes head-to-head with a brand new Corvette. On the surface, this sort of race doesn’t exactly seem 100% fair. At the end of the day, Farmtruck might be a big hunk of steel that isn’t particularly that aerodynamic or lightweight. However, it certainly has enough power under the hood to overpower the vast majority of production cars, Corvette or otherwise.

On the other hand, though, perhaps this Corvette owner has a little bit of a trick up his sleeve to combat what would seem to be quite an uneven matchup. You never know what the opposition is up to during a drag race.

Down in the video below, we get a little bit of a peek into what exactly the experience was for Farmtruck and AZN at Winter Heat Wave 4. In this particular endeavor, they say that the goal at hand was to try and make as clean of a pass as possible, getting as much power to the ground as they could.

Would it be enough to dominate the trick up the sleeve of the C8 Corvette owner, though? The only way to find out is by clicking the play button down below.