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F&F11, Massive Budget Cut, Promise OG Storylines

The Fast and Furious franchise has undeniably veered away from its original plot, prompting discussions among followers about the need to return to its roots. Presently, it seems that whenever the franchise is mentioned, the prevailing sentiment is one of longing for a return to the essence that made the earlier installments memorable.

While there may be enthusiasts who have genuinely enjoyed all 10 movies in the main Fast and Furious universe, a glance at the movie rating app IMDb reveals that the 10th installment holds the second-lowest rating by audiences, surpassed only by the previous entry, Fast 9.

Statistically, it appears that audiences are dissatisfied with the recent direction the films have taken.

However, there is a glimmer of hope for those still anticipating a return to the franchise’s origins and perhaps to good storytelling as well.

Speculation suggests that the 11th installment is poised to make such a shift, with rumors circulating about a budget cut. The current budget, exceeding $300 million, might be scaled back to $200 million. While the implications of this reduction remain unclear, it is worth noting that the stellar cast, including Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Jason Momoa, and Vin Diesel, would likely still command a significant portion of the budget.

Longtime fans may find solace in the prospect that the franchise, which has seemingly evolved into a plot developed by a focus group, could rediscover its roots and perhaps inject some heart into its narrative. The notion of a budget cut could signal a reevaluation of priorities and maybe this time, they’ll hire a real-life writer.

As someone who has followed the franchise over the years, it’s my perspective that the studio producing these films should seriously consider returning to a more plot-centric approach. While focus groups may advocate for cars leaping off buildings, investing in a compelling storyline could prove to be a strategic move, potentially reaping significant rewards in Fast X: Part 2. John Campea