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From Boring Volvo Station Wagon to 700 HP Sleeper in 10 Minutes

I don’t care if it’s 1989 or 2022. Nobody ever looked at a 1989 Volvo 240 and thought “Wow! That looks like a formidable opponent on a race track.”

In fact, this car is basically anything but sporty. The square-bodied station wagon is about the dorkiest car that we could possibly imagine. In fact, the model is so dorky that some even consider it cool and quirky these days because it has sunken so far into dork-dom.

In any case, this machine was designed without speed in mind. In other words, Volvo thought of packing your family on board, safety features, and a little bit of room for cargo just in case you want to go on a ski trip with the youngsters.

Here in the performance community, though, some of us just can’t help but look at a machine like this and think “Why not?”

Why not take a car like this old school Volvo 240 and transform it from something that’s used to haul the family to something that can haul ass?

With all of the aftermarket support these days, a couple of clicks could have just the right set of parts needed to take this family station wagon and transform it to a sleeper of sorts.

This time, a sleeper is exactly what we get us Gingium gets to it.

In just the span of 10 minutes on video, we get a condensed version of what was necessary in order to take this boring old station wagon and make it a 700 hp monster. There’s just something about hearing this Volvo spool up and make horsepower that really doesn’t compute in the brain. Even when we see it in action, it’s almost unbelievable as the station wagon surprises just about everybody who bears witness.

Oh yeah not only is this thing incredibly fast but it also manages to shoot flames out of the exhaust, too, for some extra pizazz!