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Gas Powering Things That Should NOT be Gas Powered

Sometimes, it can be easy to forget just how fortunate we all are with how easy it is to access electricity these days. Having the majority of household appliances operate absolutely silently with the push of a button is a luxury that a video like this will make us appreciate even more.

With that said, though, when a goofy YouTube creator by the name of TheBackyardScientist asks the question, “What can I power with a gasoline engine that shouldn’t be powered by one?” we were all eyes to see exactly what he could come up with. This is certainly one of those things that I’ve never wondered about but couldn’t help but wonder once I saw that juicy title and thumbnail.

To get things kicked off, our host would introduce us to a nitro-powered engine similar to what one would find in a remote control car.

With a little bit of modification, this thing could be hooked to a variety of different items that one might not expect to be motorized by combustion. From creating a gasoline-powered fan to a vegetable slicer, phone charger, and even a toothbrush, it’s pretty crazy what a little bit of creativity could come up with when combined with a relatively simple contraption.

The result actually worked out pretty well as the engine was able to power these household items with ease. However, the inconvenience of this process is naturally something that would make it absolutely ridiculous to use such a product in real life. It’s a lot of fun to watch from this side of the screen, though.

With the video below, though, we get to see how exactly one could take a nitro engine and a little bit of fuel and combine it with a whole bunch of things that really shouldn’t be gas-powered.

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