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Jay Leno Speaks Out For First Time Since Major Burn Accident

Not long ago, we reported that comedian, entertainer, and car guy, Jay Leno, was involved in a fiery incident in his garage that put him in the hospital. Leno would quickly recover and recently went on the TODAY show to talk a bit about the incident.

Jay spoke about his situation in the hospital, outlining an outpouring of well wishes from everybody including everyone from fans to the President of the United States.

Jay also took the time to break down what exactly went wrong in the first place.

Apparently, he was working on a 1907 model year White brand steam car. When dealing with a clogged fuel line, Leno asked for some air to be pumped through the line to unclog it and ended up getting a face full of gas. Anyone who has spent a decent amount of time around cars knows that this part isn’t quite a big deal. However, this inconvenient mishap would quickly turn into a trip to the hospital when the pilot light set the gasoline on fire and ignited the top half of Leno’s body.

Fortunately for Jay, his buddy Dave was working with him in the garage and jumped to action to help with the fire out, using his own body to smother the flames on Leno’s face.

They would immediately call 9-1-1 and Jay would go to see a doctor where he was advised to immediately go to a burn center to have the situation taken care of. However, Leno had other ideas, prioritizing his wife over his own health as he went home to tend to her and make sure that she was all right since she doesn’t drive herself.

After eventually finding his way to the Grossman Burn Center, it’s said that Leno was more concerned about the people around him than himself, even going so far as sending pizza to the nurses who were helping him out.

In the video below, he speaks out about the incident for the first time.

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