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Touring a House Built Around a Garage – This 60×40 Barndominium Rocks!

As a car enthusiast shopping for a home, it can be pretty hard to pin down a property that has everything that you’d like to have. Perhaps this is because our hobby is technically a niche. However, lots of car fanatics are looking for a place with plenty of space to both store and work on their toys all while having nice living quarters as well.

Now, because this particular combo can be hard to find, someone who’s not willing to wait for the right property to come up might just have to have their own custom-built. Custom construction most definitely provides an opportunity for one to have each and every one of their needs met, no matter how niche or obscure. Finding a home with a huge garage can be difficult but if you build your own place, you can make the garage whatever size you want and build the living quarters around it.

In the case of YouTube creator, Create 208, that’s precisely what he did. Instead of waiting for the right home to pop up on the market, our host got to work, coming up with the perfect design to house his hobbies as well as providing a comfortable place to live. The result is something that we think the vast majority of automotive enthusiasts are going to want to add to their wishlist.

In the video below, our host takes us on a detailed tour of a shophouse that most certainly is enthusiast approved. Instead of acting like most homes where the garage is an afterthought, in this particular structure, the garage seems to be the main attraction while the living quarters are built around it. We aren’t necessarily saying that the living quarters are anything to scoff that, either, as this home packs in quite a few features that we would argue offer a little bit of something for everybody.