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GM Cancelling Apple CarPlay, Could Aim for Paid Subscriptions Instead

Sometimes, companies will make drastic moves in the name of innovation. Just think of Apple removing the headphone jack from all of its phones. At the time, people probably thought the company was a little bit crazy but in hindsight, it’s almost hard to imagine using the auxiliary jack at all. Instead, Bluetooth has taken over and those who prefer wired headphones can use the charging port on their device.

Apparently, it’s not a technology company at all that is taking the next big leap toward what might be the future of cell phone interfaces in vehicles. General Motors announced that it will be canceling both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto within the coming years.

The idea, apparently, is to phase out the technology in the company’s EV offerings with the help of Google. The idea could potentially be to use the onboard operating system to help collect data about how people drive and charge their EVs.

Furthermore, an article for Reuters also points out that “the automaker is accelerating a strategy for its EVs to be platforms for digital subscription services.”

In an era where the subscription service seems to be one of the biggest moneymakers across all forms of technology, you can bet your bottom dollar that all major automakers are doing everything that they can in order to implement subscription platforms to their vehicles so that they can keep on earning money long after the initial vehicle sale happens.

So, how exactly is all this going to work, and what’s going to happen if and when General Motors removes one of the most highly requested features in new cars today? Below, YouTube creator, Brian Mello, dives into the idea, breaking down the news and giving us his opinion on what this means for the future of GM.