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Shawn Cruises the ’55 and Tests for Street Outlaws in the 405

As is the case with most of the fan-favorite Street Outlaws competitors, the machines that we see the most on television aren’t necessarily the only cars that they have in the stable. Instead, most of these racers usually have a pretty polished collection of rides that are ready to be broken out on any given day. Each car has its own very specific purpose and might be set up to cruise or maybe to race in a certain format. In any case, it’s no secret that those who race for a living tend to have some of the coolest cars on the street!

For Shawn Ellington, naturally, the car that we all know him the best for is the sinister black Chevrolet Nova affectionately known as M*rder Nova.

This time, though, we check out another rig of Ellington’s that has certainly found its way into the hearts of fans of 187 Customs. We’re talking, of course about the ’55 Chevrolet that has been through the wringer in recent years. Those who have followed Shawn’s career closely over the years will tell us that this car holds a pretty substantial sentimental value for its owner. Therefore, when it was involved in a gnarly crash not long ago, Ellington would do everything that he could to bring the car back to life, even when all bystanders probably thought that this thing was headed to the scrap pile following a rollover.

By following along with the video below, though, we get to see that the ’55 is back and very much in good health. After a restoration in a couple of updates, this machine is ready to hit the streets once again. In fact, even though Shawn has put together a donk build for the new Street Outlaws: End Game production, there is a little bit of insinuation that maybe the ’55 will be popping up in competition sooner rather than later.

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