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2022 Rivian R1T Drives Into Lake, Launches Boat Like it’s Nothing!

As electric vehicles become more and more prevalent, we begin to dive into the world of picking them apart, figuring out what they’re good at and where they might need a little bit of improvement.

As far as functionality goes, one of the obvious things that pop out about an electric vehicle is that it doesn’t need any air to operate. Unlike a typical combustion engine that constantly needs to draw fresh air to stay running, an EV needs none of the above as the batteries do all the work.

So, where could something like this come in handy? If you ask the owner of this particular 2022 Rivian R1T, the answer to that question is on the lake, Lake Tahoe to be more exact. In the clip, we watch as the electric-powered truck drives straight into the lake with no fear, taking on the water in the name of launching the boat sitting on the trailer. (No worries, the freshwater lake won’t eat anything like salt water would!).

Now, we realize that a gasoline-powered truck could probably pull off something similar but we can tell by the driver’s maneuvers that he has supreme confidence in the lack of suction.

Down in the video below, we check in from YouTube uploader, garthkoyle, who takes us along for the ride that shows off what this new EV pickup has up its sleeve. Will EV trucks have what it takes to really wow the market and take over a dominant share or will they become nothing more than a one-hit wonder when all is said and done? Only time will be able to tell that tale but for the time being, we can’t help but be impressed with some of the early signs of just how awesome the Rivian R1T might turn out to be!