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GoPro Captures the Moment That Audi Loses Control at 90 MPH on Wet Highway, EPIC SAVE!

I’m sure that pretty much everybody who has spent a substantial amount of time behind the wheel of a vehicle has probably had a couple of moments where their heart jumped straight out of their chest.

No matter how careful one might be, there are situations that arise that are truly unpredictable. As it turns out, “unpredictable” is one word that you’re not going to want to run into when it comes to your daily commute. In most situations, unless you’re opening up the throttle yourself, the more boring, the better here.

Unfortunately for one Audi driver, that wouldn’t exactly be how his commute would go. As the car traveled down the highway at about 140 km/h which translates to around 90 mph, things would simply hit the fan in a hurry.

Before the driver knew what was happening, the Audi would be sideways. In many situations, this is where a driver would panic, trying to grab the wheel, smash the brakes, and do everything they could to get that car going straight again. However, what’s necessary here is for the driver to keep their cool and not overreact. Fortunately for the man behind the wheel here, that’s exactly what he does in response to the sliding car.

In what seems to be about the least likely scenario, a sheer stroke of luck ends up righting the car at a high speed, allowing the driver to regain control once again. We kind of wish that he had a heart rate monitor because this is certainly an area where that Apple Watch would be sensing a spike in conditions.

Down in the video below, we get to ride along for this once-in-a-lifetime situation that certainly seems to have ended with the best possible outcome. After watching this one, we can feel a great breath of relief.