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Gran Turismo Movie Based on the Game Coming Soon to Theaters

Growing up, many of us were inspired in one way or another by some form of media to kick off the passion for cars that we have today. While some might’ve found movies like The Fast and the Furious to spark their interest at a young age, perhaps, others turn to video games to trace their roots of automotive interest.

If video games were your fix back then, there’s a very good chance that Gran Turismo was the title that you spent a good amount of time obsessing over. In fact, over the years, with a title like this, the game has developed alongside enthusiasts, even giving some of us a Great deal of entertainment in our adult years.

This time, the folks at Sony Pictures have decided to green-light the idea of turning the video game into a movie.

Some might be wondering how a racing simulation could possibly be turned into a plot line that Hollywood wants to offer to the public. From what we’re told, the movie that will likely be loosely based on the game is going to offer up a story based on real events. It’s said to be a love story filled with action, drama, and lots of race cars. Other than that, I guess that we’re all just going to have to wait until it eventually comes out to see what the film with headliners Orlando Bloom and Stranger Things’ David Harbour is all about.

There has been no official announcement on the exact date of when this flick is supposed to launch but we do know that it will be exclusively in theaters and the rumor mill has the film debuting somewhere around August 11, 2023. So, are you going to be heading out to the movie theater to catch this summer film?

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