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Harbor Freight’s Dirty Little Secret – How Their Tools are so Cheap and Which Ones You Should Avoid

Harbor Freight is one of those names that one can bring up and spark a conversation for hours. From garage to garage across the country, folks will have their very own opinion about this affordable tool retailer and the merits of its business. When it comes down to brass tax, though, Harbor Freight is doing something incredible and making a ton of money in the meantime. Like its tool offering or not, it’s hard to deny that the business model has created a monster.

Some might wonder, though, how exactly it is that Harbor Freight is able to sell these tools at such an affordable price. While some might attribute this purely to a lack of quality, others might say that it’s because of how they source their materials and labor. At the end of the day, maybe there’s a little bit of room for both sides of the argument to be correct.

This time, we follow along with YouTube creator, DIY with Dave, who took the time to really dive into the idea of Harbor Freight and discuss what it is that makes the store the cheap tool icon that has absolutely exploded over the years. In the video, he touches base on how exactly Hf has had such incredible success and managed to expand from a small chain to a national icon.

He also takes a minute to address things like how exactly HF manages to create these cheap tools, many of which are actually pretty effective. The discussion touches on everything from economies of scale to the quality of the tools and even things like consistency. For everybody wondering how exactly a company like this thrives while undercutting the competition, the video below should spell out each step of how such a business model has become the real deal.


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