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YouTuber Reimagines Top Gun: Maverick, Except With a Cat

When it comes to taking just about any subject matter and turning it into a joke, we have to say that the internet is pretty much undefeated. Not only are people incredibly creative with their jokes these days, but technology also allows them to take the joke to a new level, creating a piece of content that would’ve taken an entire team to create in years past.

This time, we check in with a meme of sorts that is based on one of the hottest movies to come out in a long while. The 2022 summer blockbuster, Top Gun: Maverickwas the highly awaited sequel that had been bumped back several times due to the pandemic and movie theaters shutting down. When it finally was released, the movie met a barrage of praise, giving moviegoers a fresh perspective on a storyline that dates back to the 80s.

With that, it seems as if the film not only inspired many of its viewers in a serious way. Apparently, it inspired others in a comedic way as at least one YouTube user by the name of OwlKitty has decided to create their own piece of content based on the film.

Apparently, the idea this time was to take a couple of cats and transplant them into the film’s trailer. Yeah, we know, it sounds pretty corny but the person behind this idea has some serious skills with a green screen as they managed to take some of their feline friends and put them front and center in the world of Top Gun.

In fact, the video was so well received by people on YouTube that the parody has managed to find its way to the trending section, claiming its stake as the 47th most popular video on the platform right now. In just two days, the video has amassed a staggering 2 million views.

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