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Hennessey Takes the C7 ZR1 to 1000 HP

With all of the hype about the Corvette going mid-engine in 2020, I think that we kind of glanced over the amazing release in 2019 that was the C7 Corvette ZR1. In recent generations, the ZR1 has been the crème de la crème trim level of Corvette, offering up a supercharged platform that surpasses all of the others in terms of performance.

In addition to a host of other performance parts that help this thing get around any track like a bonafide supercar, the ZR1 boasts a supercharged power plant that’s capable of 755 hp.

Now, as one of the most powerful production cars ever hit the streets, a car like this would pack more than enough of a punch for most people. In fact, without a little bit of experience behind the wheel of a powerful machine, this might even be dangerous to drive for a lot of folks who aren’t familiar with controlling powerful cars.

With that said, there are those of us in the automotive performance community that just want things to be faster no matter how awesome they are from the factory.

The ZR1 is most certainly not exempt from having that power knob turned up a little bit. This time, we check in with a package from Hennessey Performance that takes that 755 hp monster and turns it into a 1000 hp monster thanks to modifications like aftermarket cylinder heads, a custom exhaust, and a camshaft among other supporting modifications.

Hennessey Performance says it best, telling us that “If you ever wanted to own a vehicle SO fast that it almost scares you to drive, then the C7 ZR1 1000 HP performance upgrade by Hennessey is your dream car. Watch as this incredible vehicle takes a spin around the Pennzoil Proving Ground to show you just a glimpse of what this car is now capable of.”