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Here’s How They Clean up a Hurricane Battered Marina After the Storm

When a major storm begins to approach land, the story can be the main subject of national news as the country waits to see what is going to happen as we all hope for the least damaging outcome. However, when the storm stops unleashing its wrath and the cameras stop rolling, we don’t normally get an inside look at what exactly happens with the cleanup effort. After all, catastrophic storms like Hurricane Ian leave behind some real carnage that can’t just be left to sit as-is for the rest of eternity.

This time, we get an inside look at a marina that goes by the name of Salty Sam’s and how the overhaul effort is going.

After Ian passed through the area, there was some pretty substantial damage done to the marina by the storm. We’re talking about just about every feature of this location being completely blasted by high winds and heavy rains. The result was destruction everywhere, encompassing everything from the large yachts to the docks themselves being absolutely destroyed.

In this particular video from YouTube creator, Caribbean Castawayswe get to see exactly how the pieces began to be picked up once again. Of course, this means starting out with getting the area cleared in the first place, cutting apart the destroyed structures, and getting rid of them before considering what’s going to replace them.

All sorts of heavy-duty equipment were brought to the scene including a crane that is delivered on a barge and can be used to not only help with the dock but also to help lift smaller vessels from the water as well.

The effort takes a lot of money, manpower, and machinery but with the willingness to get it done, we’re sure that this marina will eventually be rebuilt back to its former glory and maybe even a little better.