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Massive Field Filled With Flooded Supercars For Auction Following Hurricane Ian

One thing about Mother Nature is that she doesn’t really care how much money you spent on your car. If it’s in the way of a natural disaster, it’s going down whether it’s a brand new exotic or a ratty old beater.

Following a natural disaster like the deadly Hurricane Ian that struck Florida not long ago, the fallout can be massive. As of now, Florida residents are still picking up the pieces and insurance companies are sorting out how exactly it is that they are going to handle all of the issues that popped up because of the storm.

This time, we check in with automotive contact creator, jrgarage, who managed to find an auction filled with exotic cars and supercars that he says were available for bid because of the “recent floods,” presumably referring to Hurricane Ian.

The line of cars extended as far as the eye could see and seemed to encompass a little bit of everything. We didn’t get the full tour of the massive collection of vehicles but from what we did see, there were a lot of interesting pieces to be had. Some of the machines featured include rare Porsche models, several Nissan GT-R examples, and even a Lamborghini Urus.

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Apparently, our host decided to buy a couple of these machines, saying that he plans to save a little bit of automotive history.

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In addition, he gives us a little bit of a review of what one of the more popular examples went for at auction. If you were wondering what a flooded Lamborghini Urus that doesn’t run or drive is worth, the answer is just over $144k in this example, about half of the original MSRP.

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