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Here’s Why Kye Kelley Swapped Motors Twice in 6 Days, the Grind is Real

Competing in any form of racing at a high level is definitely going to be a grind of some sort. Just how much of a grind it is depends on how involved one is in the operation. From top to bottom, though, everybody who is chipping in is definitely making some sort of sacrifice as a team goes from track to track in the name of winning races.

Kye Kelley, for example, is an individual who is incredibly involved in his racing operation. From top to bottom, it seems like he has his fingerprints on just about every part of the deal. Because of this, it doesn’t really seem like he manages to get very much of a break in between races.

I think that on some level, most fans of Street Outlaws have some sort of understanding that their favorite racers are constantly grinding in the name of keeping their cars on track and as fast as possible. With YouTube channels like Kelley’s, we find out just how much of a grind it really is as we get exposed to a bigger slice of the life of a Street Outlaw.

On this particular outing, we check in between a win at Brainerd and a race at Houston. In the span of just a couple of days, Kelley manages to win the first race, drive 18 hours home, and show us that the grind never stops before eventually departing for another long drive to Houston. On these “days off” from racing, fans will find that there isn’t very much time off at all. Instead, most of the time at home is spent swapping out an engine to get to Houston, in this case.

The best part of the whole thing is that after winning a couple of rounds at the Houston race, Kelley ended up drawing Ryan Martin and deciding that he had to swap the original engine back into the car to have his best shot at winning.

The video below is just one piece of evidence that shows how hard guys like Kelley and his fellow competitors work.


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