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When a Ford F-350 or Ram 3500 Are Just TOO SMALL – Here Are Three Ultimate “Hold My Beer” Pickups!

One of the cool things about the automotive market these days is that there is mass customization that can really tailor a car to its owner. No matter what a customer wants, they can go out there and find a dealer who will opt out a vehicle to be the exact vision that they have in their heads. If someone wants something beyond what’s up for grabs on the mainstream market, they can head to the aftermarket to find a rig that fits their very specific idea of the perfect vehicle.

While there are some pretty physically impressive rigs floating around from major automakers these days, we can’t help but wonder what happens if you just want to go bigger.

For those who look something like a Ford F-350 in the eyes and decide that it isn’t quite heavy-duty enough to get their particular job done, a company like Elevation Off Grid steps in to satisfy that need. We definitely have to say that, while most of the company’s rigs are far beyond what most people would need on a regular basis, it’s really hard to deny the cool factor that some of these rides offer as they tower above all of the rest of the consumer vehicles that one would find on the street.

This time, our host at The Fast Lane Truck takes us along for the ride as we check in with some of the creations that are put together by this aftermarket specialist.

To get things kicked off, the first machines that we find are based on Ford F-550 and Ram 5500 series trucks. However, when Elevation Off Grid is done working its magic on them, these things take on a new face with a plethora of aggressive modifications to make the resulting combinations pull more payload, achieve more ground clearance, tow more, or even accomplish specialty needs like packing in as much storage as humanly possible.