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Inside Fast & Furious Most Dangerous Stunts

Over the years, Fast & Furious movies have taken a controversial path to get to where they are today.

The film series has long since departed from its roots and has taken on a much more explosive personality in recent renditions. However, it seems as if the one thing that has remained a common thread throughout all of the films in the franchise is that most of the special effects are actually practical (and family, of course).

Sure, there’s a lot of computer magic involved that comes into play after the fact. However, many core components of each major stunt sequence were filmed in real life without the help of computer imagery

This means that, yes, vaults were actually dragged through the streets, a tank was driven on the highway, and cars were literally dropped from an airplane in order to get the perfect shot.

Sure, some of it might’ve been spiced up later with the help of CGI but filming the vehicles being put through these sequences gives the films a little bit more realism to make some of the sequences more believable to the eye… even though most of them are unbelievable to the brain.

This time, thanks to our host over at Xplained, we get to ride through some of the craziest stunt sequences in the past couple of films to see exactly how it is that they were put together. Seeing the actual groundwork in action is a sure-fire way to make a couple of jaws hit the floor.

Below, we check in with the explanation that might just make some fans of this franchise look at things a little bit differently the next time that they rewatch their favorite Fast and Furious film.

Which one of these crazy stunts was the most surprising to you to see filmed practically?